Diva Challenge 274 (#dc274)

This week’s Diva challenge was to make a tile that shows your allegiance to your country (wherever that may be). Here’s mine: 

I’ve kinda been phoning this stuff in since the death of my son.  I hope in the weeks to come I’m able to put a lot more into them.  Still too fresh. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone! I hope I’m not so depressing very long! 

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  1. Such a courage’s thing, tangling this tile (and the other one). After the youngest son of my best fiend was killed in an accident, she painted and painted and painted for a long time. That didn’t take the pain away, but it helped her. I do hope you will find something that helps you. At this moment I just want to say that you (and Sean’s wife and children) are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessed be!!!!

  2. I read back a few posts and silently gasped at your family’s tragedy. I’m amazed that you are not in bed in the fetal position. Maybe creating art is therapeutic. In any case, please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  3. I read about your family’s tragedy and am heartbroken right along with you and everyone who reads it. Like Suzanne, I’m also amazed that you are out of bed and creating. That is a beautiful therapy for you. Your submission for the Diva’s challenge is so beautiful, made even more so in the condition you are when creating it. Heartfelt prayers heading your way for you and your family and your son’s family.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss- it must be terrible to loose a child!
    Hopefully your art gives you power and confidence to cope with this terrible tragedy!
    I am sending you my best wishes and wish you all the best for the future.
    Your tile is amazing and powerful!

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