Diva Challenge #311

It’s a new week and time for a brand new diva challenge from the diva herself, CZT, Laura Harms! We normally just get right to the challenge but I want to shine a light on the next project from the Diva. She has begun streaming live on twitch! Check her out here on her blog for the latest news and streaming schedule. What she’s accomplished in the last seven years with the diva challenges on her blog has brought artists from all over the world together for the express purpose of sharing their art. Thank you Laura for your weekly challenges!

This week the diva challenges us to use both a circle and a square as our string. As many as you like, but at least one of each! Here’s my tile featuring the tangles: Apcross (look for my step out here soon!), poke leaf, hollibaugh, tipple and fragment t3! My first fragment tile!

I can’t wait to see what all of you did!img_0672-2

Happy Tangling!


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  1. Beautiful and striking composition to your tile! Terrific depth and shading! I’m looking forward to step outs for Apcross! 🙂

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