Diva Challenge 317

Welcome back to the new weekly “I am the Diva” challenge #317! This week was something completely different that CZT Laura Harms hasn’t done before. We are to cut or print a picture from a magazine or newspaper, afix the picture to a tile and tangle around it. It is an interesting challenge and I’m sure the tiles will be fascinating to see. I loved the idea but it presented a challenge for me. I don’t do print as I am a clutter bug so it left me with a problem as to what picture to use. As I went through my coloring books I ran across one of my beginning Zentangle books by CZT Suzanne McNeill. Zentangle 11 workbook edition is the book and on the back there’s a word, “Tangle”, thats been colorfully tangled. It was the perfect size and I decided to use it. I started worrying about copyright infringement about the time I finished the tile, so I went to Suzanne McNeill’s blog and asked her permission to use it. I haven’t heard back but of course she’s a busy lady and I am ready to post. So here is my Diva challenge tile 317 and I hope Suzanne wont mind my using her image! If you are interested in Suzanne McNeill’s blog here is a link! In the USA her wonderful books are available on Amazon.

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  1. Love what you’ve added to Susanne’s tangle word! Terrific choice of tangles and excellent shading! I too had to scrounge for photos… went to my neighbours… as I had just finished a huge purge of health/cooking/and yoga magazines! 🙂

  2. Lovely result, I think Susanne wouldn’ mind that you have used her word “Tangle” on the contrary, she will like this beautiful work very much and so do I

  3. So many interesting tangles on this! I’m sure Suzanne will be pleased, and since you’ve given her credit, she will be doubly pleased.

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