Diva Challenge Tile 353 – Heart Zendala

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Diva Challenge! This week is the last of the February heart strings and we were challenged to use a heart string on a zendala tile. I didn’t have one, so I cut one from a stiff A4 envelope. Since I have been working with celtic Knots a lot lately, it didn’t surprise me that a heart shaped celtic knot appeared as my string!

Here’s my Challenge Tile 353! Happy Tangling!

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  1. I L💜VE this!!! So cool! Beautiful Celtic knot. Do you have a site or source to learn how to do Celtic knots? I’d like to learn. Thanks

  2. This is lovely! It reminds me of Heart Wrap by Ina Sonnenmoser. It clearly is not that pattern and is just lovely.

    I think the paper added a nice touch and especially with your use of the brown toned ink, really nice.

  3. I LOVE your Celtic Heart Knot Zendala. I am always amazed at people that draw Celtic knots so beautifully. When I read that you will be doing a YouTube tutorial, I knew that I would have to keep an eye out to watch for it. It is absolutely beautiful Cyndee!

    1. Thank you so much Lezli! I’m editing it now and hope to have it ready this week sometime! I got distracted when I realized this method would work in different configurations and I’m working up a pdf to go with the video with some extra designs in it. Hopefully, it will be helpful!

  4. Wow, really beautiful! I love the brown ink. The shading and highlights on the knotted hearts makes them look like twisted metal, very cool!!

    1. I would love to share it with you! I’m editing it now and I hope it will be up in the next week. If you follow me here I’ll post it both places. But I will try to let you know!

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