Diva Challenge Tile 353 – Heart Zendala

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Diva Challenge! This week is the last of the February heart strings and we were challenged to use a heart string on a zendala tile. I didn’t have one, so I cut one from a stiff A4 envelope. Since I have been working with celtic Knots a lot lately, it didn’t surprise me that a heart shaped celtic knot appeared as my string!

Here’s my Challenge Tile 353! Happy Tangling!

21 thoughts on “Diva Challenge Tile 353 – Heart Zendala”

  1. I LOVE your Celtic Heart Knot Zendala. I am always amazed at people that draw Celtic knots so beautifully. When I read that you will be doing a YouTube tutorial, I knew that I would have to keep an eye out to watch for it. It is absolutely beautiful Cyndee!

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    1. Thank you so much Lezli! I’m editing it now and hope to have it ready this week sometime! I got distracted when I realized this method would work in different configurations and I’m working up a pdf to go with the video with some extra designs in it. Hopefully, it will be helpful!

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