Diva Challenge 357/Kitchen Table Tangles

Welcome back to thetirelesstangler.com! It’s been a busy week as my child’s school was out for spring break and keeping him busy is sometimes exhausting! However, we had a great week together filled with fun!

This week we have a “monotangle” which is a term coined by the Diva to mean a tile using a single tangle. I’m always more relaxed with monotangles as they remove the doubt and struggles of merging more than one tangle. The Diva chose “Paradox” as the tangle this week and it’s one of my favorite tangles! It certainly takes practice to get the sections to flow but its worth it! I love the results. 😊

Here’s my Challenge tile for this week’s Paradox monotangle.

Late last week, Zentangle® HQ released another awesome Kitchen Table Tangles video on a different way to do a Cadent Tangleation! I hope you enjoy it as much as did!

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  1. I love your paradox donut, at least, donut was what I first thought but then it got a bit space station and then I stopped before I got too weird. Either way, the depth and shading are great. Thank you too for the link to the cadent thing, i tried it and made rather a mess so I think maybe I need more practice with that one!

    1. Actually onyx was what I was going for but the highlight wasn’t strong enough in the photo to be sure. It’s fun how everyone’s perspectives change it to something new!

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