9/23/19 – Update on Cyndee

The Tireless Tangler returned today on YouTube! She posted her first Meditation Monday in a month. She plans on putting up a Tangle Tuesday for tomorrow but did say she doesn’t feel strong enough yet to post five days in a row. She’s taking it slowly, as she should. She also mentioned how much it meant to her to know how many well-wishers she has out there and has missed each and every one of you! Let’s continue sending good karma her way so she will continue to heal and grow stronger each day! Thank you all for reaching out to me for updates. I’m happy to be the go between until she has fully recovered! LaJuania

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  1. Hope you are gaining a little each day! Just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you and look forward to you posting when you can!! Donna Stanchfield

  2. Hi Cyndee, just yesterday I checked your homepage if there are news about you and now I got a message from LaJuania! I’m happy to hear that you keep getting better. Take good care of yourself! I’m thinking a lot of you and send you all my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Big hugs from Switzerland – Lisette

  3. Hi Cyndee, It’s been a while since this update. I just want to send some love and my best wishes for your recovery. Take your time. We will keep waiting for your return.
    Feel cuddeled and hugged by Monika, mobluehb, Germany.💞

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