Hey y’all, I’m Cyndee Pelley, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), aka “The Tireless Tangler”. I came to art through a search for meaning in my life after a devastating illness and losing my ability to work. I started with adult coloring books and through that gained a lot of knowledge about colored pencils.

After awhile, the pull to create my own art became overwhelming. I started sketching mostly botanicals and animals/birds. I wasn’t very good in my view but I loved trying new things and eventually stumbled on patterns. From pattern step-outs it was just a matter of time before I learned the word Zentangle ®. I was hooked, however, I had no true understanding of what Zentangle was and more importantly, what it was not!

The Zentangle ® Method has changed my life! Drawing structured patterns didn’t save me. The Zentangle Method is not about drawing patterns, it is, rather, about a mental process that is relaxing, fun, enjoyable and happens to use structured patterns as a way to find your zen! The art is a big bonus! This method can be healing in many ways, and can be adapted to many different people and lifestyles. This is proven by the thousands of followers across the globe! Becoming a CZT was one of the best experiences of my life!

I’m a single parent and have a young man I love and hope to adopt someday soon. I’m pursuing my love for sharing Zentangle with those who could benefit from it’s healing and joy! There’s so much going on for me today compared to 3 years ago, I barely recognize myself. This beautiful method and the healing it can bring is a wonderful gift I cherish every day!

My days revolve around my kiddo and my video/editing schedule. I sneak art for me in wherever I can and I am enjoying the new community that has developed around the 100 Days of Zentangle ® Project 2019! Thanks for being with me on this journey into art!💜

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