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Adele Bruno’s It’s a String Thing

It’s A String Thing #193 (for Lily Moon)

This week’s, It’s a String Thing, #193 is chosen to support the artist Lily Moon. Lily recently posted on her blog about the deadly brain tumor plaguing her daughter, for which she was given no hope. Her granddaughter is 12 and Lily’s son is autistic and depends on her completely. She stated that she is dealing with this tragedy alone and therefore is struggling to create anything. Her grief is palpable and breaks my heart. Lily has been a mainstay in the Zentangle world for quite some time and her blog and Facebook groups are extremely popular. What happened last week was that almost every Zentangle challenge was dedicated to her and calls to use Lily’s wonderful Tangles, found here on her blog, were everywhere.  I was not at all surprised  by the thousands of artists from all over the world using her patterns in their art. The thing that gives me pause, again and again, is the clinging to tangling as a means to persevere through physical and emotional pain by hurting people everywhere. This isn’t just me, or Lily or even a dozen here or there. The more artist focus articles I write, the more it hits me that almost every person out there tangling has the same story of the Zentangle ® Method saving them in some way. I find this extraordinary! I know that it’s true for me and every Tangler I’ve talked to. With this thought in mind I would ask you non-tanglers out there to consider if this is something that could help you, or someone you know? You don’t need a lot of money to do this. You don’t need a lot of time the projects are small. You just need the will to begin. I don’t get paid for these statements. I just believe with my whole heart that this method can change us for the better and give us a great coping mechanism for pain, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and lots of other conditions. Food for thought!

Okay, sorry, back to IAST #193. Adele Bruno choose for string this week a modified version of Lily’s “chop” or her artist’s mark. It looks like this.
The tangles chosen for this week were:

Try doing a hashtag search for these tangles! The sheer number of tiles will astound you! 

My Iast#193 tile

It’s a String Thing #192

It’s been 2 weeks since our last “It’s a String Thing” challenge from Adele Bruno at I appreciated the break and I’m excited to see her pictures from Fabriano, Italy! As I wrote in an earlier post, Fabriano is the city where the original Zentangle tiles are made. Original Zentangle® tiles are something very special. Their quality is beyond high. I would love to see it and how they are formed! Yes, I’m a nerd. 😉 We will be talking about them in more detail in a future post, as they are worth some discussion. 

So! For this week’s string, Adele drew a stylized version of part of their watermark. It looks like this. 

And here are this week’s 3 tangles to use.

My IAST #192 Tile (the lovely bell is Venetian glass in honor of Adele’s trip!)

    Here’s what I did with mine. If you are interested in doing these along with me, I will add your  entries to this post and show your gifts! What would you do with this string and those tangles? Artists all over the world participate in these challenges so if you’re interested in the other entries and what they did, you can find Adele’s site here

    Easter Weekend Catch Up

    This week’s “it’s a string thing” from Adele Bruno is going to be delayed a week. The lovely Adele, is taking a magical trip to Fabriano, Italy. This lovely Italian city is the place where the original Zentangle®️ tiles are created.  Luckily this gives me, and others, time to catch up on their art, spend time with families and enjoy the weekend. I know I literally have dozens of projects awaiting my attention!
    First on the list is to work on this week’s go-to library submissions. One of the talented artists in the group, Barb Masinton, did her first week’s tiles tangled together on a journal page. I loved the design and wanted to give it a try myself. Let me show you how awesome Barb’s art is and why it was so inspiring! As I’ve posted before, there are 7 strings per week with a focus pattern to use with your go-to tangles. Here are Barb’s 7 posts and a final picture of it all together. I just loved it!

    I’m really blessed to be able to share this wonderful piece of art with you all! Barb is one of the people I’ve run into that is so encouraging and inspiring, it makes it a treat to login everyday!

    I almost didn’t post my work after these great pieces, but…unafraid… here are my first 2 tile/journal entries. 

    I would like to invite everyone interested to join the Tangle It! Pattern Club on Facebook. Lots of great people and tangling fun!

    It’s a String Thing #191

    On Tuesday, another “it’s a string thing”  weekly challenge from Tickled to Tangle’s Adele Bruno was  released. This week we’re doing string number 191 with an Easter flair! Let me show  you the Easter string and tangles used this week and then one of my 3 tries!

    It’s a String Thing (IAST) #191

    This weeks tangle selections are:

    Zenith by Maria Thomas

    Keeko by Maria Thomas

    Mel-Mel By Adele Bruno

    Echoism By Maria Thomas (link to Margaret Bremner’s site for “echoism and then some”.)


    This tile struggled to come together and began as a real mess. My zenith was/is messy, I forgot to change the size of keeko at the edge of the egg shape, and I couldn’t manage to do much creative with Mel-Mel. This year, with my resolution not to “give up” on messy tiles, I marched on to the end trying to pay extra attention to the shading. (Don’t ask where the light was coming from, I have no idea!).  As usual,the problems disappear when the shading is good. I find it very interesting now and though never perfect, I’m pleased with the result.😃

    Check back soon for more tangled zen!

    It’s a String Thing #190

    It’s once again time for Adele Bruno’s “It’s a String Thing” challenge and it was a definite challenge for me! This week’s string looks like this : wp-1490745718970.jpg

    The 3 tangles chosen were all straight line type tangles. This was bad news for me as my hands shake badly and straight lines are the bane of my existence! The 3 tangles for this string are

    1. Box Spirals by Margaret Bremner
    2. Wind farm by Margaret Bremner
    3. Neuart by Ria Matheussen

    These tangles all have straight lines and it was a true challenge trying to do 1 tile I wasn’t embarrassed to post! I caught myself several times changing the straight lines to curves! Finally, here is my tile. I’m really glad this one is finished and I’ll look forward next week’s “it’s a string thing” 

    It’s a String Thing! (189)

    Certified Zentangle Teacher, Adele Bruno has a special challenge every week on her blog. It’s a String Thing (IAST) Challenge gives a pencil drawn string to copy NHin pencil on  your tile. Then she chooses specific tangles to use in conjuction with the string. Last, email a picture of your finished tile and Adele will post all of the entries on her blog.

    I’ve been wanting to add another challenge to the blog and this was perfect for me as I do better work with some parameters! 😉 Plus,  she chose my friend Jody Genovese’s “Patience” pattern to use this week!

    Here’s my tile #iast189! Using tangles patience, aura-leah, CO2 and ibit. If you’d like to join the fun you can find it at Adele Bruno’s Tickled to Tangle blog here.