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Diva Challenge #311

It’s a new week and time for a brand new diva challenge from the diva herself, CZT, Laura Harms! We normally just get right to the challenge but I want to shine a light on the next project from the Diva. She has begun streaming live on twitch! Check her out here on her blog for the latest news and streaming schedule. What she’s accomplished in the last seven years with the diva challenges on her blog has brought artists from all over the world together for the express purpose of sharing their art. Thank you Laura for your weekly challenges!

This week the diva challenges us to use both a circle and a square as our string. As many as you like, but at least one of each! Here’s my tile featuring the tangles: Apcross (look for my step out here soon!), poke leaf, hollibaugh, tipple and fragment t3! My first fragment tile!

I can’t wait to see what all of you did!img_0672-2

Happy Tangling!


Diva Challenge: Use My Tangle-“Frunky”

This is a “use my tangle” week at Casa Diva and this week’s focus pattern is “Frunky” deconstructed by Katharina Koenigsbauer-Kolb. Feel free to visit her lovely blog for the Stepout

Here’s my tile. In addition to Frunky I used the tangles crescent moon, hollibaugh, tipple. Step outs for these and many more can be found at the wonderful

It’s a String Thing #190

It’s once again time for Adele Bruno’s “It’s a String Thing” challenge and it was a definite challenge for me! This week’s string looks like this : wp-1490745718970.jpg

The 3 tangles chosen were all straight line type tangles. This was bad news for me as my hands shake badly and straight lines are the bane of my existence! The 3 tangles for this string are

  1. Box Spirals by Margaret Bremner
  2. Wind farm by Margaret Bremner
  3. Neuart by Ria Matheussen

These tangles all have straight lines and it was a true challenge trying to do 1 tile I wasn’t embarrassed to post! I caught myself several times changing the straight lines to curves! Finally, here is my tile. I’m really glad this one is finished and I’ll look forward next week’s “it’s a string thing” 

New Weekly Diva Challenge Tile #309

Welcome back to the weekly diva challenge brought to you by the diva herself, Laura Harms! You can find this week’s challenge here in Laura’s blog. This week we are once again following Zentangle HQ at or check back here for the weekly challenge. Recently,  in the Zentangle Mosaic app,  we were challenged to use the newly released “noom” pattern,  the step outs to which can be found here.

Noom and I have been trying to make friends since it’s release… Unfortunately, I was not inspired and I struggled to make it look nice. Well, we made up today finally and here’s my tile for the Diva’s weekly challenge this week!

Diva Challenge 309

Traveling Tangles Project: Terri Delaune, CZT

About two weeks ago I received 3 special pieces of mail in one day. Since I only ever get bills, this is a banner day for me! Even better? It was pretty mail! The Traveling Tangles Project is basically a way for artists to collaborate and share ideas. Each artist begins a tile and works about half the tile. They then mail the tiles to each other for completion. The resulting finished tiles are shared on social media or the Zentangle® Mosaic app.

Traveling Tangles Terri Delaune
Mail from Terri Delaune, CZT

Terri Delaune’s traveling tiles to me. I’m starting with the pretty black tile!

It took me awhile to get inspired (mostly because I was paranoid I’d mess them up) but when looking at the possibilities, this tile stood out because Terri chose a tangle by one of my very favorite Tanglers, Helen Williams, CZT. Terri drew the pattern “Steps” deconstructed by Helen Williams, with a light background of smoky “printemps”.

As I turned the tile around in my hand I tried to visualize what might be added, I wished Terri’s “Steps” had been “Ruffles” (another tangle from Helen Williams. If you want to see some amazing art visit her blog at These 2 tangles are sisters as they are drawn the same way with slightly different shapes. I’ve been drawing “Ruffles” non stop since I started tangling, it’s graceful curves somehow resonated with me. So it seemed fitting that I mirrored Terri’s Steps with my Ruffles. A round blank spot just begged for a Zengem and just like that, we had a tile!

Finished tile Traveling tangles project with Terri Delaune, CZT

Stay tuned for more traveling tangles! I still have 5 to finish and that doesn’t count the tiles I have to send back! I’m very excited to be involved with these great artists but more importantly, these amazing people. Thank you to Terri Delaune, for being one of those people!

It’s a String Thing! (189)

Certified Zentangle Teacher, Adele Bruno has a special challenge every week on her blog. It’s a String Thing (IAST) Challenge gives a pencil drawn string to copy NHin pencil on  your tile. Then she chooses specific tangles to use in conjuction with the string. Last, email a picture of your finished tile and Adele will post all of the entries on her blog.

I’ve been wanting to add another challenge to the blog and this was perfect for me as I do better work with some parameters! 😉 Plus,  she chose my friend Jody Genovese’s “Patience” pattern to use this week!

Here’s my tile #iast189! Using tangles patience, aura-leah, CO2 and ibit. If you’d like to join the fun you can find it at Adele Bruno’s Tickled to Tangle blog here. 

Patience (Step-Out)

I have been blessed this year by getting involved in the Zentangle® Mosaic App, available for iOS or Android. Having the opportunity to share art with others that love and appreciate this creative process is amazing! One of the nicest people I’ve been lucky to meet is CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) Jody Genovese. It never ceases to amaze me how encouraging the people in Mosaic are, and Jody is one of the best at this. It has been a complete joy getting to know her and sharing information and support.

Jody’s Tangle pattern named “Patience”, after the lovely impatiens (annual flower) flower. It just says Spring!

This photo is from a Chicago Tribune Article on impatiens. I’ve added an article link  in the photo description.

Here is Jody’s step-out for the pretty spring tangle “Patience”. Enjoy and feel free to send me a picture of what you did with it. I’d love to post them! thetirelesstanger@thetirelesstangler.comwp-1490163693412.jpg

Thank you so much Jody for allowing me to share your pretty pattern with my readers! I’m getting a tile out now to start tangling! You, and others like you are the reason I keep trying and drawing and sharing here. You are my confidence builder!

Come back soon for more Zentangle®!

The Diva’s Challenge #308

I won’t lie, I’ve let you down. I’ve been doing the Diva Challenges, but I haven’t been posting my results…mostly because they were awful, also because they sucked! I may still post them here, we will see, but the Diva herself gave me a challenge I couldn’t turn down. Of course, that means I couldn’t mess it up! This weeks challenge was to return to your “comfort” tangles. The tangles you enjoy, that you’ve drawn over and over are a good place to start. For me, it was deciding which to choose.

Almost from the first, back on Pinterest, I kept seeing art from A Little Lime, Helen Williams amazing blog. Helen’s art is very organic, many of her tangles come from plants and flowers she sees in her garden. Her pieces drew me back again and again. The first I learned and that I kept returning to is called “Ruffles”. Helen has a new pattern catalog including step outs for all her 2016 patterns available on her blog. Check out her beautiful blog  with the step out for Ruffles here.

The other pattern that finds it’s way into everything I draw is “betweed”. As with all official patterns, you can find the step out for betweed on

Here is my “MacNCheese” challenge tile (#dc308) featuring Ruffles and Betweed.

Diva Challenge 308.jpg
“Mac n Cheese” DC #308


See you soon for more tireless tangling!

A New Year, A New Purpose

It’s a new year and I’m full of awe that I am still surviving in 2017. 2016 was easily the worst year of my life and I have never been so relieved to see a year slip into the past. I’m praying this year will be boring and uneventful and full of love and art!

Speaking of art! I have not been blogging but I’ve been creating at a frenetic pace! I’m so relieved I’ve gotten my creative spark burning again, so assuming the sky isn’t currently falling, I’m dedicating myself to an art centered blog once again (life willing!).  If you still follow this blog I appreciate your patience with my occasional digressions. 

One of the joys of this new year has been the progression of my Zentangle® Method journey. I’ve been happily tangling for over a year! One of the most enjoyable things I’ve done is join the Zentangle® Mosaic App. It’s free to look at the art but to post or comment you just pay a small fee per month and you can create and post all the art you want and become part of a wonderful community of like minded. encouraging people and sometimes, if you’re lucky, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts (founders of the Zentangle® Method) will come along and appreciate something you’ve done! It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of this supportive, artistic community! I’m making friends and starting artistic collaborations that I’m quite excited about! If you love tangling, this app is well worth the small monthly fee!

I was influenced by another blogger to go ahead and purchase the Zentangle® Primer,  Volume 1. Dr. E. Miller ( and Write of Passage) wrote a wonderful post about the Primer and the differences between it and the cheaper alternatives out there.. It is a very good look into the purpose behind each book and why they were written. I decided after reading this post I would go for it and buy it. It was something I had to save for but as with all things Zentangle®, it’s worth the price. This is a beautiful, hardbound,  coffee table type book filled with original art by Zentangle® founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It has been described as a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) training program in book form. If you are curious about Dr. Miller’s post you can read it in it’s entirety here.

People frequently ask me why the Zentangle ® Method is so meaningful to me and why I’m so driven to share it. This is not a drawing lesson, but teaches a drawing method so simple, children can learn it. It teaches you to draw by practicing a method that helps you let go of anxiety about what to do or where to start. Let go of worry about the end result and appreciate both the moment and the result. There are thousands of “non” artist types out there happily sharing their art. I know this, as I am one of them. If you have always wanted to learn to draw or if you love to doodle, you should try this. If you are struggling with depression or any number of other things, this can give you new purpose while relaxing and meditating, and help you to create something beautiful of which to be proud.  

I can’t describe how this method has changed me and been a catalyst for positive growth personally and in overcoming my fear of rejection. I have seen my depression dwindle and have a fresh purpose for the first time in years. Gratitude is a weak word for the way I feel about Zentangle. There are hundreds of books out there now, both ebooks and physical copies, about Zentangle so I won’t give long descriptions. I will just say that never in my wildest dreams did I think drawing would save my mind and heart, but it did.

I thought I would post my tiles from lesson one and show you that anyone really can do this method of drawing and meditation! If you’re like me and want to get right to it, head over to Zentangle® central at  I don’t have the words to tell you how drastically it’s changed my life.

This is “Crescent Moon”, the first tangle they teach. It’s very easy to learn and looks really cool when shaded. Notice that the shaded section lifts off the page giving a 3D effect.  Extremely simple and you can do it. Shading is done simply with a standard #2 pencil and blended with an inexpensive paper stump (or tortillion). 

Crescent moon shading example.jpg
Shading lifts the drawing off of the paper.

This is Printemps, a simple spiral. Shading brings out individual shapes and adds depth.

Shading around these will add dimension to a very simple tangle.

The other 2 tangles used in Lesson one are Florz and Hollibaugh. Step outs for these can be found at

This post became really long and for that, I apologize! To wrap up, here is my first tile followed by the same 4 tangles in a different order on a 2nd tile. This illustrates that you can draw the same tangle over and over and get something that is completely different each time. 

Lesson 1 tile


I absolutely must learn more about this site and how to make sense of everything. *BIG smile!* like how to make these pictures look smaller. 🙂 Look forward to a new Diva Challenge tile tomorrow! See you all soon! 

Diva Challenge Tile #292 and #293

Last week the diva challenged us to “use my tangle” featuring Nadine Roder’s #eaxy. It may have a name that reminds you of easy but I just couldn’t get it right. I’ve never had that happen before (though I’ve been tangling less than a year). I don’t know where I’m going wrong but I finally wrapped it up without anything to show for it. Pretty frustrating!

This week’s diva challenge was to use #keeko, a very basic but fun tangle. Here’s my tile.


You can find the link to the diva’s site in
the menu above. If you are interested in tangling it’s a great place to start!

See you all next week! Happy tangling!