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Diva Challenge 357/Kitchen Table Tangles

Welcome back to thetirelesstangler.com! It’s been a busy week as my child’s school was out for spring break and keeping him busy is sometimes exhausting! However, we had a great week together filled with fun!

This week we have a “monotangle” which is a term coined by the Diva to mean a tile using a single tangle. I’m always more relaxed with monotangles as they remove the doubt and struggles of merging more than one tangle. The Diva chose “Paradox” as the tangle this week and it’s one of my favorite tangles! It certainly takes practice to get the sections to flow but its worth it! I love the results. 😊

Here’s my Challenge tile for this week’s Paradox monotangle.

Late last week, Zentangle® HQ released another awesome Kitchen Table Tangles video on a different way to do a Cadent Tangleation! I hope you enjoy it as much as did!

Upcoming: Zentangle® Special Project video Series

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know what’s in here, dont scroll down!

It was a happy mail day yesterday! No bills and a package from Zentangle® Headquarters for the new project video series beginning on November 11th, 2017.


At Zentangle.com they have started a fun new “project series”. It’s a new video series and the content of each is secret! You can read about it yourself and get your own project pack here. Zentangle is selling a supply pack for each video that includes all necessary supplies for a good price considering what was in the first pack. Everything they do is so fun and done with such class! We don’t know what kind of project it will be but the first project includes a special gift!

 The first project pack included lots of black tiles in varying shapes and sizes, square Renaissance tiles and it included 3 new gelly roll white gel pens from Sakura of Japan. Not only is the ink supposed to be brighter and whiter, but now it comes in new nib sizes! There is a 05, 08, and 10 sizes. I can hardly wait to try them out…I’m trying to use some self control..not my best thing!

Here’s an example of each pen. I loved them however the 05 didn’t flow very smoothly so it’s important to have test paper to get it flowing before use.


It wasn’t my intention to ruin anyone’s surprise but not everyone subscribes to the Zentangle newsletter and I want everyone to have a chance to order supplies before it’s too late!

If you have questions, find the answers at Zentangle.com! 

And because I really don’t have self control, here’s my tile!