It’s a String Thing #192

It’s been 2 weeks since our last “It’s a String Thing” challenge from Adele Bruno at I appreciated the break and I’m excited to see her pictures from Fabriano, Italy! As I wrote in an earlier post, Fabriano is the city where the original Zentangle tiles are made. Original Zentangle® tiles are something very special. Their quality is beyond high. I would love to see it and how they are formed! Yes, I’m a nerd. 😉 We will be talking about them in more detail in a future post, as they are worth some discussion. 

So! For this week’s string, Adele drew a stylized version of part of their watermark. It looks like this. 

And here are this week’s 3 tangles to use.

My IAST #192 Tile (the lovely bell is Venetian glass in honor of Adele’s trip!)

    Here’s what I did with mine. If you are interested in doing these along with me, I will add your  entries to this post and show your gifts! What would you do with this string and those tangles? Artists all over the world participate in these challenges so if you’re interested in the other entries and what they did, you can find Adele’s site here

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